GROWING YOUNG MINDS workshops for early childhood educators.

MindCHANGE professional learning and development facilitated workshops help early childhood educators apply the science of learning to curriculum requirements.


Understanding assessment practice to improve young children’s learning is relatively unfamiliar and to some extent daunting for early learning educators. Educators need support to understand what is meant by the term assessment in early childhood education and why it needs to be included as a vital form of pedagogy and practice within the Early Years Learning Framework


Professional learning and development budget and timeline.

We understand what can be done within your school or business's budget and timeline. This allows us to recommend the best approach.

Tailored workshops

We challenge educators to think more deeply about young children’s learning, thinking, development and achievement, and place strong emphasis on how to assess in ways that fully capture the complexity, richness and depth of each child’s learning.

How the MindCHANGE program works

The benefits of MindCHANGE's educator workshops:

Evidence-based and internationally proven success.

Learning to think and thinking to learn.

Tailored to your school and requirements

Developed for the 21st century child

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