Support and enrich your child’s learning & achievement skills.

At MindCHANGE we understand how and why children are experiencing learning difficulties.


Our dynamic assessment approach and cognitive learning programs help to identify how your child thinks and learns and if not why not.

Dynamic assessment is an open, interactive/individual assessment process that draws on unique thinking skills while unlocking your child’s learning abilities and progress. Not only is the process fun and engaging for children but highly valuable for both parents and teachers. Recommended strategies ensure ongoing support and progress.

How the MindCHANGE assessment  program works

Obligation free consultation

This 30 minute intro session is designed to give you all the information you need, and a great opportunity for your child to meet Hannah.

One on One assessment sessions

Individual assessment sessions are run over 2 half days. They involve a test-teach-retest format and are ideal for children for whom standardised testing is difficult or unsuitable.

Report and recommendation

Parents receive a full clinical report detailing their child’s strengths as well as learning needs and support . Tangible strategies on how to help your child achieve and succeed are included. 

Education meeting

The best outcome occurs when strategies are adopted across home and school. Consultation meetings with your school or support team can be arranged to help structure individualised learning plans and learning goals for intervention and change. This benefits your child’s learning program and ensures ongoing support and outcomes. 

The benefits of MindCHANGE's dynamic assessment program:

Evidence-based and internationally proven success.

Fun and engaging and for children.

Assesses thinking, perception, learning & problem solving.

Children are taughtnew strategies for better thinking.

Young learners reach a new level of capability and potential.

 Learn tangible strategies to connect with your child.

Begin today with an obligation free consultation 

Frequently asked questions:

How does MindCHANGE help kids with learning difficulties? Dynamic assessment refers to the assessment of thinking, perception, learning and problem solving through a means of an active teaching process aimed at modifying cognitive functioning [or thinking]. Based on the theory and concepts of mediated learning experience and structure cognitive change [or modifiability] this process looks at how the learner thinks and if not, why not. Each child is capable of learning, has the potential for change and with guided learning is able to succeed and achieve.

How does dynamic assessment help children struggling with learning and cognitive difficulties? Dynamic assessment is ideal for struggling children with learning difficulties, attention or language difficulties, lack of achievement and progress. It is also ideal for example, for those learners who do not have test-taking behaviour, are anxious about being assessed, have difficulty understanding questions and the task they are being given. Each given assessment task is constructed for learning, graduated for teaching and guaranteed for success.

How does dynamic assessment differ from other forms of assessment? The key to dynamic assessment is intervention. The learner is guided through various steps of learning throughout the various assessment tasks. They sample particular learning behaviours through a mediating process, develop new strategies for better thinking and reach a level of new capabilities and potential. The measures of modifiability are closely related to the levels of mediation used throughout the assessment process.


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